Kapa (lined) Foam Board Gravestones Part 1

Kapa Lined Foam board is known amongst model makers for its wonderful shaping qualities when cut and sanded, the most intricate shapes can be formed with just a little effort, To reveal the foam board the lining paper is simply removed. I don’t really need any fancy shapes for the gravestones in the diorama that I am building which is based on the the Hardy Tree in St Pancras Old Church in London. Just a craft knife and piece of fine P240 sandpaper is all thats need to shape the stone, any coarser and you will sand the foam board to nothing. David Neat has full details on how to use this product here. Kapa is available from shops such as 4D Model Shop and on-line.

A Guide to the Birds of the British Isles – Image 4

Kapa Lined Foamboard

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