Bleak House Series (mockup)

As mentioned in the previous post on this subject some of these images take a long time to get to the point where I am happy with them. This is another mockup for a set (same set different angle) that will utilise some new model making techniques that I will start to use in 2014. The challenge is to try to extend the depth and atmosphere of the set without making it bigger than I can manage in my small studio.  Most of my work is done in 1:12 scale although I have been using 1:6 on the ‘A Guide to the Birds of the British Isles’ Project.

I use a Canon 7D and a 18-55mm lens normally on the wide end and focused at the closest point at f22. This involves exposures upto around 60 seconds. The sets are photographed in the dark using light hosing from light balanced LED torches with coloured gels and various smoke effects, aerosol products and projection.


© 2013 Arcimboldi Studios

Inscape Series

As the year draws to a close I am planning projects for 2014. During 2012 I developed a project entitled Inscapes and like most of these series of images they are never ever finished. The learning curve for my diorama work is a lifelong process and armed with the knowledge I gleaned from that project I am hoping to realise my ambition of producing small installations incorporating these landscapes that will stand alone and will be viewable in a purpose built cabinet produced by a friend of mine. Similar to a peep show cabinet the design and decoration will hopefully enhance the contents, very much a work in progress I’ll post details as it develops.

The image shown here is a prototype for an extension of the Bleak House series, It normally takes several sessions to get the image I am looking for. This set is around 15″x15″x12″ high.


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